What Does A Strong Partnership Mean To Your Business?

East Air's status as a best-in-breed industry leader enables us to provide our customers with virtually limitless access to aftermarket parts and services. Our goal is to enhance our customers' overall supply chain experience, not just through a single transaction but on an ongoing basis.

East Air's trained staff of aviation professionals recognizes current and future market trends and the possible impact on the value of your inventory. As a result, we are able to design asset management strategies to protect your investment in rotable components. We will develop a detailed asset management plan to meet your individual goals and achieve maximum rotable asset optimization.

Our asset management process includes:

  • Total Component & Engine Support Solutions
  • Sales, Leasing, Exchange & Component Repair Management
  • Component and Engine Valuation Services
  • Asset Consignment & Distribution Services
  • 24/7 Global Logistics Support
  • Financing Programs for Asset Acquisition


Rotable Asset Management