Facilities and Contact Information

East Air Corporation
337 Second Street
P.O. Box 628
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Phone: 201-487-6060
Fax: 201-487-5938
Sita Code: EWREZCR
Email: info@eastair.com    

Our headquarters is located only minutes from downtown Manhattan as                                                            well as Newark and JFK airports.

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East Air Corporation - Florida office 
500 Ocean Drive, Suite E6-D
Juno Beach, FL 33408
Phone: 201-678-6507
Fax: 201-487-4147


East Air Italy
Via Placido Martini 15
Rome Italy
Zip Code: 00136 

Phone Number: (201)-487-6060

Carlo Mearelli: carlo.mearelli@eastair.com
Email: info@eastair.com


East Air Singapore Pte. Ltd.
No 10, Jalan Besar, # 09-07
Sim Lim Towers, Singapore 208787
Phone: 65 62954326
Fax: 65 62956601
Email: wendyang@eastair.com and wendyang@singnet.com.sg

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